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    20 October 2018 Volume 31 Issue 5
    Oceanographic Science, Technology and Equipment
    The impacts of wave progress on short-term weather simulation
    ZOU Jing, ZHAN Che-sheng, HU Tong, SUN Jia, WANG Zhong-qiu
    SHANDONG SCIENCE. 2018, 31(5):  1-6.  doi:10.3976/j.issn.1002-4026.2018.05.001
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    In this paper, the ocean-atmosphere-wave coupled model, COAWST, was used to conduct two sets of 72hour simulation tests centered over the East China Sea. The impacts of dynamic wave processes on shortterm weather simulation were analyzed by comparing the two tests, one of which considered the dynamic wave processes and the other not. The results revealed that the simulation of sensible and latent heat flux would be enhanced if considering the wave processes. Consequently, wetter and warmer air at the sea surface was detected, leading to lower sea level pressure (SLP) and acceleration on convective activity. The changes of circulation would strengthen the local wetter and warmer difference, which made for the generation of positive feedbacks. The wettest and warmest difference was detected over the northwestern area of the South China Sea along with the Philippine waters. In addition, the difference would decrease with the height, and finally disappear near the 500 hPa height.

    A remote management system for buoy power supply based on LabVIEW and SQL server
    ZHANG Da-hai, QI Liang, DING Yuan-qiang, JIANG Tao, ZHENG Kai, YAO Shu-jun
    SHANDONG SCIENCE. 2018, 31(5):  7-13.  doi:10.3976/j.issn.1002-4026.2018.05.002
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    Since the existing ocean buoys lack effective monitoring and management of the power supply, a method based on LabVIEW and SQL server programming, combining with C8051F021 microcontroller hardware, was put forward. The shore station terminal server monitoring software and the hardware circuit installed on the buoy were designed. By means of realtime communication such as network or Beidou communication, the realtime monitoring and management of the power supply on buoy was realized, and the ability of utilizing and managing the power supply on buoy was improved.

    Traditional Chinese medicine and natural active products
    The effects of four different drying methods on total flavonoids and total organic acid contents in hawthorn
    SHI Xiao-chen, WANG Lei, WANG Yao-yao, QI Ying-xue, LIU Hong-yan, LI Jia,ZHANG Yong-qing
    SHANDONG SCIENCE. 2018, 31(5):  14-19.  doi:10.3976/j.issn.1002-4026.2018.05.003
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    The effects of four different drying methods on the contents of total flavonoids, total organic acid and ascorbic acid and color were studied to select a suitable drying method for hawthorn. Colorimetry method was applied to determine the content of total flavonoids in hawthorn dried by four drying methods with hyperoside as the contrast; acidbase titration method was used to determine the content of total organic acid with phenolphthalein as indicator; 2,6-dichloro-indophenol titration method was used to determine the content of ascorbic acid and color data were measured by a color difference machine. The results showed that the contents of total flavonoids, total organic acid and ascorbic acid of hawthorn treated by four different drying methods were significantly different. Freeze drying had the highest contents of total organic acid and ascorbic acid(133.25 mg/g and 0.322 4 mg/g, respectively), while sun drying contained the lowest (94.55 mg/g and 0.163 1 mg/g, respectively). Hawthorn dried by microwave had the highest contents of total flavonoids (42.26 mg/g), while sun drying contained the lowest (32.25 mg/g). Vacuum freezedried hawthorn presented the best effect on color. Vacuum freeze drying method could reduce the loss of total flavonoids to a certain extent and showed the best color on the basis of preserving ascorbic acid to the greatest extent.

    Study on quality of Isatidis Radix in different production areas
    SUN Dan-dan, WANG Gang, HE Huan-xiang, GUO Qing-mei
    SHANDONG SCIENCE. 2018, 31(5):  20-23.  doi:10.3976/j.issn.1002-4026.2018.05.004
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    The contents of water, ash, leachate and (R, S)-goitrin in Isatidis Radix from 7 regions such as Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Gansu, Hebei, Henan, Shandong, and Heilongjiang were determined and compared. The results showed that the water content of Isatidis Radix in different producing areas ranged from 8.86% to 11.72%, and the lowest in Shaanxi.The total ash content was between 3.55% and 7.00%, and the content of ash in Shandong was the lowest.The acidinsoluble ash content was 0.14% ~ 0.62%, the content of acid-insoluble ash in Shandong was the lowest.The content of alcohol-soluble extract was from 29.99% to 43.71%, the content of Isatidis Radix extract in Shaanxi was the highest.The result of HPLC content measurement showed that the content of (R, S)-goitrin was 0.444 ~ 1.042 mg/g, (R, S)-goitrin in the Isatidis Radix from Henan produced was the highest content. The water, ash, leachate and (R, S)-Goitrin content of Isatidis Radix in each producing area met the standards. The experimental results have certain guiding significance for agricultural production and clinical drug use.

    New Materials
    Density functional theory study of gas molecule adsorption mechanism in A520 system
    WEN Bo-yuan, WANG Ji, CHEN Yun-lin
    SHANDONG SCIENCE. 2018, 31(5):  24-30.  doi:10.3976/j.issn.1002-4026.2018.05.005
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    The density functional theory was used to study the adsorption sites, conformation and the adsorption energies of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, water, dichloromethane and trichloromethane in A520. The results show that there are mainly two kinds of gas adsorption sites in A520,which have various adsorption conformations for different gases.The largest adsorption energies of A520 for carbon dioxide,nitrogen, water,dichloromethane and trichloromethane are -31.69 kJ·mol-1, -22.33 kJ·mol-1, -68.59 kJ·mol-1, -43.35 kJ·mol-1 and -41.62 kJ·mol-1 respectively. From the analysis of the relationship between adsorption energy and structure of A520, it is concluded that the adsorption of water can be increased by introducing O containing groups. In addition, the matching of the pore size of MOFs and dynamic diameters of guest molecules can enhance their adsorption in MOFs .

    Simulation and analysis of mechanical properties of bilayered all-ceramic denture
    FU Kun1, WANG Gao-qi, WANG Shou-ren, WEN Dao-Sheng, WANG Yong, LIU Wen-tao
    SHANDONG SCIENCE. 2018, 31(5):  31-37.  doi:10.3976/j.issn.1002-4026.2018.05.006
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    To investigate the effects of material properties on the strength of bilayered denture, the simplified model consisting of veneer, core and dentin was built, and maximum principal stress and equivalent stress were calculated by finite element analysis. Results showed veneer was the weak link of denture, and when Vita VM9 and Cercon Zirconia were used as veneer and core respectively, the bilayered denture showed high performance in mechanical property. In the three phases of occlusion, the maximum equivalent stress of veneer was 61.2, 80.2 and 84.5 MPa, the maximum equivalent stress of core was 133.5, 190.3 and 209.73 MPa. The maximum equivalent stress occurred at dental groove, tooth crypt, bottom of crown and bottom of core, respectively.

    Study on the fermentation parameters of lactic acid bacteria
    YANG Jun-hui1, MA Heng, MAN De-en, GUO Mai-hai, LIU Qing-ai, MA Yao-hong, SHI Jian-guo
    SHANDONG SCIENCE. 2018, 31(5):  38-42.  doi:10.3976/j.issn.1002-4026.2018.05.007
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    In order to accurately and quickly grasp the changes of the main parameters in the fermentation process of lactic acid bacteria, the changes in the number of viable cells, tail gas components, glucose and lactic acid in the lactic acid fermentation process were measured by KRH-BI0300 type fermentation tank control system, cell density monitoring system, SHP8400PM process gas mass spectrometry analyzer, biological sensor analyzer and other fermentation process analysis methods. The results show that the parameters of lactic acid bacteria fermentation process can be quickly and accurately grasped by a variety of modern analytical methods. This study laid the foundation for optimal control and lactic acid bacteria industrialization fermentation process.

    Effects of different specific growth rates on phytase production by Pichia pastoris fermentation
    ZHAO Kai, GE Jing-hua, WANG Hai
    SHANDONG SCIENCE. 2018, 31(5):  43-47.  doi:10.3976/j.issn.1002-4026.2018.05.008
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    Different specific growth rates lead to different metabolic fluxes in Pichia pastoris, further resulting in different levels of enzyme production. In order to obtain optimum specific growth rate for the production of phytase by Pichia pastoris, the optimal fermentation conditions of recombinant Pichia pastoris producing phytase in 50 L fermentation tank were studied in this paper. The results showed that specific growth rate was adjusted to 0.02 h-1 by controlling the flow of methanol, by the end of fermentation, the phytase activity got to be 17 445 U/mL, with 69.7 % higher than the control. It suggests that the specific growth rate is the most favorable for the production of phytase by fermentation.

    Tranfic and Transportation
    Research on layout of railway e-commerce logistics center based on the improved SLP theory
    CHEN Guo-hua
    SHANDONG SCIENCE. 2018, 31(5):  48-57.  doi:10.3976/j.issn.1002-4026.2018.05.009
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    Based on the operation situation of railway logistics center under electronic commerce environment, the railway electrical business logistics center was divided into 8 function areas: receiving area, storage area, picking, packing, shipping, returns, equipment area and office area. The systematic layout planning (SLP) was reformed quantitatively, the method of mathematical modeling was added, and the factors of logistics influence were analyzed more scientifically. According to the improved SLP method, the logistics factors and non-logistics factors affecting the railway e-commerce logistics center were analyzed, and the comprehensive relational table was constructed. Under the constraints of no overlap of functional zones, no more than the planned scope of functional areas, a certain range of length-width ratios of railways, no occupancy of areas dedicated to railways, entrances and exits of parks, etc., the objective function of minimizing the material handling cost, maximizing interval integrated relationship, and minimizing the cost of land reform in the park was established, and then the objective function was processed to get the normalized single objective function. Through improved genetic algorithm, a scientific and reasonable layout plan was obtained. Finally, a practical example shows that the layout method in this paper is scientific and reasonable.

    A on-ramp metering method based on AD-ALINEA
    AWANG Wei-wei,ZHANG Shang-wei,WANG Jiang-lan,YUAN Tao
    SHANDONG SCIENCE. 2018, 31(5):  58-63.  doi:10.3976/j.issn.1002-4026.2018.05.010
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    A new on-ramp metering method combining AD-ALINEA with ramp queue length was proposed in this paper. Based on AD-ALINEA, when the effect of onramp queque length on overall road network is taken into account, ramp flow is given by the maximum of AD-ALINEA and queque control. New method was compared to ALINEA and AD-ALINEA by using Cellular Transport Model (CTM), downstream flow and ramp queue of the three methods were analyzed. The simulation results show that new method can significantly reduce on-ramp vehicle queue length, and ensure downstream flow. At the same time, the efficiency and fairness of overall road network are both considered by the new method.

    Study on measuring of the comprehensive transportation accessibility and the level of star hotels and spatial pattern of Shandong province
    FENG Ying-mei,LI Xin-tai
    SHANDONG SCIENCE. 2018, 31(5):  64-73.  doi:10.3976/j.issn.1002-4026.2018.05.011
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    The urban comprehensive transportation accessibility is closely related to the layout of the star hotel. In this paper, the comprehensive transportation accessibility index of 17 cities in Shandong province was quantized from the urban connectivity and the urban outer accessibility, and the level index system of the star hotel was built and quantified from its scale, structure and development. On this basis, the spatial combination relationship and spatial pattern of the two were analyzed.In this paper,the following conclusions are drawn:(1)The comprehensive transportation accessibility of 17 cities in Shandong province is between 2.8 and 6.7, the coefficient of variation is 0.260, the level index of the star hotel is between 0.092 and 0.850, the coefficient of variation is 0.708, there is a big difference between them。(2)There is a significant nonlinear correlation between the comprehensive transportation accessibility and the level of the star hotel in Shandong province, thus the comprehensive transportation accessibility can improve the level of the star hotel。(3)The combination types between the comprehensive transportation accessibility and the star hotel are divided into 9 categories according to three kinds of relationships. There are 8 cities with the same level of comprehensive transportation accessibility and star hotel, 6 cities with the priority of comprehensive transportation accessibility over the level of the star hotel, and 3 cities with the lag of comprehensive transportation accessibility behind the level of the star hotel. In view of the above conclusions, this paper puts forward some reasonable suggestions.

    Optimal model of road network pricing considering multi-vehicle fuel consumption
    ZHANG Kai-long, LI Xi-jie, LI Zi-ruo
    SHANDONG SCIENCE. 2018, 31(5):  74-80.  doi:10.3976/j.issn.1002-4026.2018.05.012
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    In view of the inefficiency in road network travel and the excessive fuel consumption caused by it, based on the analysis of vehicle fuel consumption model, the minimum fuel consumption model of multi-vehicle was established from the perspective of energy saving and consumption reduction. Then the optimal pricing equilibrium model of multivehicle was proposed to control the user’s route choice behavior by road pricing, so that users could travel in accordance with the expectancy of road capacity, and ultimately achieved the goal of minimizing the total fuel consumption when road network equilibrium attained. The FrankWolfe algorithm was used to solve the problem iteratively by finding feasible descending directions. Taking an abstract highway network in a certain area as an example, the results show that it is possible to effectively control the user’s route choice behavior by the reasonable road pricing strategy and achieve the goal of minimizing the total fuel consumption.

    Environment and Ecology
    Photosynthetic and light-response models of Kostelezkya virginica under different salt stress
    WEN Li-ming, ZHAO Xiu-mei, DONG Ke, CUI Bing, GAO Xiao-qi, YIN Xiao-xiao, WANG Jü, FAN Hai
    SHANDONG SCIENCE. 2018, 31(5):  81-88.  doi:10.3976/j.issn.1002-4026.2018.05.013
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    The net photosynthetic rate was measured by CIRAS-3 portable photosynthesis tester under different light intensity after different salt stress. To investigate the light response process of Kostelezkya virginica under salt stress, the nonrectangular hyperbolic model, the rectangular hyperbolic model, the exponential model and the rectangular hyperbola modified model were used to compare the photosynthetic parameters and the fitting curves. With the aggravation of salt stress, the net photosynthetic rate of Kostelezkya virginica showed the trend of first increasing and then decreasing. Meanwhile, from the relative error and coefficient of determination, we found the other three models had some applicability to the Kostelezkya virginica under different salt stress, except the exponential model. With the increase of salt concentration, the apparent quantum efficiency decreased obviously. The rectangular hyperbolic model fitted the highest degree under contrast conditions. The rectangular hyperbola modified model was the most suitable light response model of Kostelezkya virginica under 100 mmol·L-1 and 300 mmol·L-1 NaCl treatments. The nonrectangular hyperbolic model fitted best at 200 mmol·L-1 NaCl salt treatment.

    Research on conditioningthree phase separation reduction technology of oil sludge
    SONG Fan-yong, FU Xiao-wen,JI Lei,WANG Jia-ning,GUO Shu-hai, LI Tian-yuan,ZHANG Qiang
    SHANDONG SCIENCE. 2018, 31(5):  89-94.  doi:10.3976/j.issn.1002-4026.2018.05.014
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    In order to realize the recovery of oil sludge and reduce its production and the difficulty of final disposal, the conditioningthree phase separation method could be used for the quantitative reduction processing of oil sludge. The effects of agent type and dosage, heating temperature, centrifugal speed, centrifugal time on the reducing effect of oil sludge were studied in detail. Results showed the best agent combination was P-A(1%)+CPAM(1.5%). Heating temperature, centrifugal speed and centrifugal time should be no less than 80 ℃、4 000 r/min and 10 min. The solid content of sludge after separation could be more than 40%.

    Other Research Article
    Semi-discrete discontinuous finite volume element method for unsaturated soil water flow problem
    CHEN Fan
    SHANDONG SCIENCE. 2018, 31(5):  95-100.  doi:10.3976/j.issn.1002-4026.2018.05.015
    Abstract ( )   PDF (901KB) ( )  
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    The discontinuous finite volume element method for twodimensional unsaturated soil water movement was discussed, the discrete scheme was constructed and the optimal error estimates in L2norm and the error estimates in H1norm were given.

    Binomial tree model and algorithm for European option based on transaction costs and dividends
    REN Fang-ling,JIANG Deng-zhi
    SHANDONG SCIENCE. 2018, 31(5):  101-108.  doi:10.3976/j.issn.1002-4026.2018.05.016
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    Binomial tree diagram method is an important numerical method in option pricing theory. The typical binomial tree model is established on the basis of no transaction costs and dividends. However, in this paper, we considered binomial tree diagram of European option with transaction costs and dividends, and gave the binomial tree model of European option from two aspects: the known dividend rate and transaction costs ratio,and the known bonus amount and transaction costs amount.Combined with the typical matrix algorithm of binomial tree model,the matrix algorithm and MATLAB programming language of the modified binomial tree model  were obtained, which was more convenient to be used in the actual financial markets.

    Analysis of summer climatic comfortability in Yichang
    KONG De-ya, HUANG Jian-wu, WANG Wei-gao, LIU Zi-hao
    SHANDONG SCIENCE. 2018, 31(5):  109-115.  doi:10.3976/j.issn.1002-4026.2018.05.017
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    Based on the meteorological data of average air temperature, wind velocity and relative humidity in summer (JuneAugust) from 1986 to 2015 in the Yichang, the climate comfort of Yichang in summer was analyzed by means of fuzzy mathematics and the model for calculating the human comfort index. The results show that: the comfort index in June of Yichang is highest, index of discomfort is the lowest, while the average hot days is 18 days. The index of discomfort in July is the highest, and the average hot days is 19 days. The climatic comfortability is worse compared to June. The index of discomfort in August is lower compared to June, and the average hot days is 21 days, the number of hotter days is the most. There is a slight difference in climate comfort among the 3 months. In general, the climate in Yichang is comfortable in the summer, and the uncomfortable climate is mainly caused by high temperatures.

    Design of a cloud forensics middleware system
    YANG Zi-qi, YANG Shu-mian, WANG Lian-hai
    SHANDONG SCIENCE. 2018, 31(5):  115-120.  doi:10.3976/j.issn.1002-4026.2018.05.018
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    The rapid development of cloud computing not only has brought huge economic benefits, but also has brought the issue of computer related crimes. In this paper, a design method of cloud forensics middleware was proposed to obtain credible and complete digital evidence from the cloud in a comprehensive and convenient manner. The design method mainly included three parts: remote control end proofs, serverside evidence analysis and monitoring management, and clientside memory acquisition and analysis. Compared with the traditional online forensics methods, this method was more in line with the requirements of traditional physical evidence technology, greatly improving the efficiency of the forensic staff and the credibility of the evidence. The method has been verified on Windows 10 (the client) and Centos 7.0 (the server) and was proved to be effective and reliable.