Review Process

  • Paper submitted:The manuscript has been entered the system, the manuscript number will be send to you by email.

    Previewed by editors:The editor will conduct a formal review on whether the content of the manuscript fits the purpose of our journal, the scope of our journal, and whether the writing of the paper is standardized. At this stage, the paper will be tested for academic misconduct. If the manuscript passes the review, it will enter the preliminary review stage. If the manuscript is rejected, please view the review comments in the mail.

    Send back for revision:If problems are found during the preliminary review, the author will be notified via the system and email to make changes. The author needs to supplement and perfect the content of the manuscript according to the opinions of the first review. When returning to the revised manuscript, he must also submit detailed question and answer style modification instructions.

    Reviewed by referees:More than two external review experts peer-reviewed the novelty, scientificity, and publication value of the paper.

    Send back for revisionThe author supplements and improves the content of the manuscript according to the review comments. When returning to the revised manuscript, he must also submit detailed question-and-answer revision instructions.

    Rejected:The manuscript is considered unsuitable for publication by experts, and it will be rejected.

    Re-review:If the expert requests that the manuscript needs to be revised and reviewed, there will be this process.

    Editor processing:The responsible editor verifies the textual description, charts, references, etc. of the paper and standardizes it according to the requirements of the editorial department.

    Accepted:After reviewing the manuscript by the expert, revising by the author, editing and processing, it is considered that the publication is ready for publication.

    Composition typesetting:The responsible editor selects manuscripts and issues according to the column requirements and layout. Manuscripts that enter the group draft will be notified by email or phone.

    Modified after group version:Modify the manuscript according to the requirements of the group editor.

    Proofreading:After the manuscript is typeset, there may be a typesetting or manuscript language error, which requires the author, editor and proofreader to proofread together.

    Print publication:Printed and published after proofreading.

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