OSID registration guide

  • OSID  registation guide

    Shandong Science has joined the OSID (Open Science Identity) open science project, please submit the author of this journal to register [OSID Author Assistant] tool account. After obtaining the [OSID Author Assistant] tool account, use the tool to create an OSID code. When submitting a manuscript, please add the OSID QR code on the paper.

    The role of OSID code:
    1) Improve the communication and influence of the author's thesis.
    2) Zero distance communication with readers.
    3) Academic online discussion to form an author's academic communication circle, and integrate into the academic ecosystem of the positioning field from zero distance.
    4) Help authors identify true holiday journals (all journals that join the OSID Open Science Program are academic journals recognized by the General Administration of Press and Publication!)
    5) Put the "voice, video, experiment process, large data" and other materials that can not be expressed in the paper into the OSID QR code to promote academic exchanges and promote research integrity.

    Please select the registration method (choose one)
    Mobile phone account registration(scan picture as below), Or computer account:

    The supporting materials that can be submitted for OSID registration are as follows:

    (1) The author's voice introduction. Tell the work-related background, research methods, academic results, etc., not to be the same as the abstract;

    (2) Online Q&A by the author. The communication between the author and readers or experts on the work or related content;

    (3) Academic exchange and interaction. Publish academic content related to the work topic in the academic circle;

    (4) Open scientific content. The supporting materials that can prove the integrity of scientific research in the works are displayed simultaneously;

    (5) Other various format content materials related to this paper.

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