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    Shandong Science is a comprehensive academic journal of natural sciences sponsored by Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences). It strives to report the latest innovative scientific research results in basic theories and applied research in all major fields of natural science in a timely manner. It is one of the most well-known academic journals in Shandong Province. This journal has been successively recorded by many large domestic and foreign databases such as The Key Magazine of China Technology, China Science and Technology Papers Statistics Source Journal, China Online Journals, China Science and Technology Paper Online,Chemical Abstracts (CA),Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA),Ulrich's Journal Guide (UPD),Copernicus Index (IC). The international standard serial publication number is CN 37-1188/N, ISSN 1002-4026. This journal is a bimonthly journal, and will give priority to reporting on National Natural Science Foundation of China projects, scientific and technological research projects, and projects funded by provincial ministries and commissions.

    Shandong Science  has opened an online manuscript submit system, in order to speed up the processing of manuscripts and facilitate the submission and query of manuscripts by authors. Please attention that the editorial department now only accepts online submissions. Paper submissions and submissions via e-mail will no longer be accepted. For contributors to enter the official website, please click "Manuscripts Tracking" and enter the Author Center to register an account. After successful registration and activation, select "Guide-style Submission" and follow the prompts to submit online. Authors who have successfully submitted manuscripts can log in to the Author Center to check the manuscript processing process records and current status.

    This journal implements a peer review system (blind review). After submission, it will use the China CNKI Scientific Journal Academic Misconduct Document Detection System (AMLC) to check the duplicates. Once plagiarism or other academic misconduct is found, the manuscript will be rejected. The circumstances are serious. Those who do not accept submissions from the first author within 2 years.

    1. Manuscript requirements

    The paper is innovative, scientific, academic, standard and readable, and requires clear arguments, reliable data, concise text, strict logic, and standardization and standardization. The editorial department does not accept paper submissions, and authors need to log on to our journal website ( to proceed step by step according to system requirements. Please submit in Word format for editing and revising.

    2 Scope of submission

    Shandong Sciencenow has 12 columns: "Oceanographic Science, Technology and Equipment" "Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Active Products" "Pharmacology and Toxicology" "Microbiology of Agricultural" "New Materials" "Energy and Power" "Biomass Energy". "Biosensor" "Optical Fiber and Photon Sensing Technology" "Traffic and Transportation", "Environment and Ecology" and "Blockchain". The specific scope of submissions for each column can be viewed on the official website of our journal.

    3 Manuscript content and writing specifications

    3.1 Title, author's employer, abstract

    The title should be concise and accurate, and don't use abbreviations. Author's employer and postal code should be given in full. The abstract should be about 300 words and includes four parts: research purpose, methods, results, and conclusions.

    3.2 Keywords, Chinese library classification number, fund project, author profile

    The manuscript must select 5~8 (not less than 5) keywords in Chinese and English that can reflect the characteristics of the article content. The classification number of the Chinese Library is marked with the classification number of this manuscript in accordance with theChinese Library Classification (Fourth Edition). The fund project should be filled in the official name and the grant number should be indicated in parentheses. In the footnotes on the first page of the manuscript, indicate the introduction of the first author and corresponding author, including name, date of birth, gender, title or degree, research direction and contact information.

    3.3 Text

    The manuscript should be submitted in Word format. The use of foreign letters and symbols in the text should comply with national standards. The italics, uppercase and lowercase letters, upper and lower corners of the letters should be clearly distinguished. The form and figure must be marked with the serial number, the form should be a three-line table, the figures should be clear (pixels not less than 300 dpi), and the lines should not be too thin. The text in the picture uses Times New Romen in No. 5, and the symbols and units should be standardized.

    3.4 References

    The serial number of quotations should be marked at the end of the text, and [] should be marked in the upper right corner before the period. Internal data, personal communications, and unpublished articles cannot be used as reference quotations. The serial number is in order of appearance in the article. For the format of reference documents, please refer to the publication guide on the website of this journal.

    4 Other conventions

    After the editorial department receives the manuscripts, those that meet the requirements will be numbered and sent to relevant experts for review. Don’t submit more than one journal. Please keep your own manuscripts, the received will not be returned. Manuscripts should be legal, and there are no academic misconducts such as plagiarism, plagiarism, tampering, etc.; they have not been published in any official publications, and they do not involve leaks. In the event of infringement and disclosure, all responsibilities shall be borne by the author. The editor has the right to modify the text of the manuscript, and the author is responsible for the proof (including politics, academics, confidentiality, etc.) after the paper is proofread and published. Once a paper is published by this journal, it means that all authors of the paper have unconditionally transferred the copyright and the right to use it to this journal, and this journal has the right to copy or publish it in various ways.

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