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  •         Shandong Science is an academic journal, aming to publish original papers and letters reflecting creative and inovative achievements in natrural as well as review papers about important accomplishment in frontier science. Shandong Science is the most famous academic journal in Shandong province of China. We have some predominance in Chemistry, environment, Biology, Meterial Science, Computer Scinece and Control Theory, et al. For these area are the research field of Shandong Academy of Sciences. Now all of the articles which submitted to Shandong Science are all peer reviewed by two expert in some subject. The journal is published and edited follow the rule of national rule. The English contents and copyright are attached with the journal and every artical which published in Shandong Science has an english abstract.

    Shandong Science is a comprehensive academic journal of natural sciences sponsored by the Shandong Academy of Sciences. It is aimed at the majority of scientific and technological workers in universities, scientific research units and enterprises. The latest and most significant scientific research achievements are now the core periodicals of science and technology in China and one of the most well-known academic journals in Shandong Province.

    Shandong Science was first published in 1984 and was formerly known as Journal of Shandong Academy of Sciences. In 1989, it obtained the national unified issue number and was renamed Shandong Science. In 2005, with the continuous development of periodicals, Shandong Science changed from quarterly to bimonthly. So far 32 volumes and 161 issues have been published, and more than 2,600 papers have been published. The purpose of Shandong Science is to base itself on the province and face the whole country. The main content is to report on basic theories and applied research in various disciplines of natural science. It reflects the latest scientific and technological achievements, disseminates scientific and technological information, exchanges academic ideas, and promotes scientific and technological achievements. Commercialization and industrialization promote the development of science and technology.

    Shandong Science gives priority to national natural science fund projects, scientific and technological research projects, and projects funded by provincial ministries and commissions, and strives to become a first-class academic journal in China. Periodical publication period is short, and excellent papers can be published in time. In recent years, bibliometric indicators such as the impact factor and total citation frequency of journals have been continuously improved, and their influence in the academic community at home and abroad has been increasing, and it has been welcomed by domestic science and technology workers. As the only comprehensive academic journal of natural sciences hosted by the Shandong Academy of Sciences, Shandong Science has strongly promoted academic exchanges between Shandong science and technology circles and domestic and foreign countries, promoted the industrialization of high-tech achievements, and produced certain social and economic benefits.

    Shandong Science has been successively included in the full-text database of Chinese academic journals, the comprehensive evaluation database of Chinese academic journals, the Chinese academic journals (CD-ROM version), Wanfang Data-Digital Journal Groups, Chinese core journals (selection) databases, and Chinese science and technology journal databases (full text) Edition), Chinese Abstracts of Inorganic Analytical Chemistry, Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers Online, Ulrich's Periodicals Directory (UPD), Polish Index of Copurnicus (IC), American Chemical Abstracts (CA), Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA) and other large databases at home and abroad.

    In order to make Shandong Science reach a higher level, a new editorial board was formed. Four academicians at home and abroad serve as consultants, and 85 well-known professors and doctoral supervisors from universities and research institutes at home and abroad serve as editorial board members, forming a strong scientific research backing. The editorial board guides the journals around the development of cutting-edge disciplines, determines topic selection, organizes manuscripts in a focused manner, conducts academic exchanges with experts and scholars in several hot industries at home and abroad, and improves the academic visibility of journals and sponsors. The editorial board invites academics at home and abroad to set up columns to launch academic exchanges and academic debates in this discipline, and attract scientific researchers in related disciplines to pay attention to the development trends of this discipline.

    Relying on the scientific research advantages of the organizer, Shandong Science can effectively promote the development of related disciplines, and promote academic exchanges across the industry, and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and technical services. As a comprehensive academic journal of natural sciences, the disciplines cover many fields such as biology, computer, energy, automation, laser, new materials, analysis and testing. Can publish academic papers in almost all majors of the natural sciences. It provides a good field for the publication of some emerging disciplines, interdisciplinary sciences, and marginal science papers, which can fully express their new arguments and carry out academic exchanges. The biggest feature of Shandong Science is that it not only focuses on basic theoretical research, but also focuses on the application and promotion of scientific and technological achievements. By publishing papers in the field of applied research, promoting the combination of production, teaching, and research, and vigorously promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, so as to achieve social benefits, it will also generate certain economic benefits.

    Since its inception, Shandong Science has made great progress in all aspects. In the future, we will further take various practical measures to comprehensively improve the academic level of journals and promote academic exchanges between Shandong academic circles and domestic and foreign.

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