• The editorial committee symposium for Shandong Science and Journal of Qilu University of Technology 

         On November 20, 2023, Academician Wang Juncheng, Director and Honorary Editor in Chief of the Editorial Board of Shandong Science and Journal of Qilu University of Technology, conducted research and held a symposium on the editorial board of the Institute of Information Technology, Shandong Academy of Sciences. Attending this symposium were editor in chief Zhao Yanqing, host of the column on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Active Products Wang Xiao, host of the column on Environment and Ecology Wang Jianing, host of the column on Fiber Optic and Photon Sensing Technology Ni Jiasheng, and all members of the editorial department.

         At the meeting, Deputy Editor in Chief Xu Xueyou reported on the overview, journal articles, column construction, journal indicators, and development goals of the two journals, and summarized the current problems and development bottlenecks of the two journals. The hosts of each column introduced the development of each column.

         After listening to the report, Academician Wang affirmed the work of the journal editorial department and pointed out that scientific and technological journals are the business card of the school's science and technology promotion. It is necessary to run two journals well and contribute to the development of the school (academy). Academician Wang provided guidance on the topic planning, manuscript solicitation methods, column construction, and school (college) policies of the two journals. Each column host also conducted in-depth discussions on these issues encountered in the development process of the journal based on their respective professional characteristics, forming many constructive suggestions.

        Finally, Academician Wang expressed his earnest hope for the development of the two journals, insisting on the correct direction of publication, improving academic level, creating their own characteristics, continuously launching valuable and influential academic achievements, enhancing the dissemination and influence of Shandong Science and Journal, and forming their own advantages.

        Through this editorial panel discussion, the editorial department has strengthened its confidence in running Shandong Science and Journal well, and clarified the future development direction of the two journals.

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