• Shandong Science won the "Publishing Integration Innovation Award"

          Recently, Shandong Science won the "Publishing Integration Innovation Award" in the 2023 mid year newspaper selection conducted by the Chinese best-selling online reading platform - Bokan Network.

          Shandong Science is a comprehensive academic journal of natural sciences and a core scientific journal under the supervision and sponsorship of Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences). Targeting science and technology workers from universities, research institutions, and enterprises, we strive to timely report innovative, high-level, and significant latest research achievements in basic theory and applied research in various major fields of natural science.
          The current columns include "Marine Technology and Equipment", "Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Active Products", "Pharmacology and Toxicology", "Agricultural Microorganisms", "New Materials", "Energy and Power", "Biomass Energy", "Biosensors", "Fiber Optic and Photon Sensing Technology", "Transportation", "Environment and Ecology", "Blockchain", "Intelligence Analysis and Data Management", etc.

          In the future, Shandong Science will continue to promote academic research, academic exchanges, and cultivate academic talents with a rigorous academic attitude and high-level editorial and proofreading quality. We will explore more digital journals, jointly promote the high-level development of academic research, and empower the high-level services of scientific and technological journal publishing with new technologies and methods.

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